About 705 Collection

The 705 Collection is a Canadian-based streetwear brand, founded in 2013. Started as just an idea, that evolved and adapted over time. Since our inception our goal was to create a local recognizable brand to represent Northern Ontario based on its street culture.

Initially we were exclusively distributing and designing 705 related clothing. It wasn’t until we branched outside our 705 brand that we began gaining more recognition within our community and even beyond our community. During this time rapper and hip-hop artist Drake unofficially dubbed Toronto the “6ix” or “the 6” after its area code 416 and 647. This is when we realized the perfect way to branch our brand out would be with Toronto and surrounding areas. Effectively shifting us to become more of just an Ontario and Toronto based streetwear brand while expanding on our original Northern Ontario concept.

Still today we continually strive to improve our product and to create unique clothing you’ll be proud to wear. Follow along with us on this journey as we continue to grow. Designed locally, worn worldwide.